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Home Staging: Helping Market Your Montana Home

Home Staging: Helping Market Your Montana Home

Home Staging Home staging is the art of making a house on the market look like a more appealing and inviting home, and if you are trying to sell your property, staging can be a key element in attracting prospective buyers. Staging is not only very important, but it must be done in a way complements the environment in which that house is located. In the great state of Montana, we are all about comfort, rustic charm and coziness. These qualities are what attract people to this part of the country, and we at Senecal Real Estate believe that prospective buyers need to see that a romanticized Western way of life can actually be obtained.

Helena, Montana is home to some of the country’s most picturesque landscapes, and a cozy ranch home is often the type of style that suits such a vast environment. A beautiful ranch allows you to fully appreciate the all-encompassing natural surroundings of the great American west. Staging your home in a matching style will help to make your home truly capture the Montana feel, inviting buyers in and making them feel at ease that they could easily make your property their new home.

Staging a home has also been shown to definitively improve the marketability of a property. The National Association of Realtors has reported that homes that have been staged typically gain 1 to 5 percent in purchase price, with some homes gaining as much as 10 percent more through staging. Not only can staging make your home more inviting, it can even make it more valuable!

At Senecal Real Estate, we’ve worked with large and small homes, ranch lands and a variety of other homes and properties throughout the Helena region for more than 15 years. With our extensive knowledge of the region, we can help make sure that your property is found by interested buyers looking for land and homes just like yours. To learn more about our home sales services, call us today at 406-439-5414 to schedule a time to discuss your property with us or request a valuation for your property online now.



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