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How to Sell Your Home During Halloween

How to Sell Your Home During Halloween

Halloween is full of spectacular frights—the same shouldn’t be true for selling your home. While selling your home during the Halloween season can have particular difficulties, there are also ways to use this spooky season to your advantage. Here’s how:

Decorate your house for the season

Everyone loves fall, and they especially love Halloween. Use this to your advantage by adorning your house with pumpkins, leaves, and other fall decorations. Just be sure not to add any scary Halloween decorations to your home. The last thing you want do, after all, is scare potential buyers away from your home—literally.

Have a Halloween-themed open house

Halloween parties are a favorite among kids and adults alike, so what better way to sell your home than by hosting one at your open house? Set up some kid-friendly activities such as pumpkin carving or apple bobbing and then hand out treats as people take a tour of the house. This is not only a good way to lure in potential buyers, but it’ll also give the impression that your house is a great place for fun activities all year round.

Have proper lighting

With fall comes shorter and shorter days. Therefore, it’s best to have a proper amount of lighting so that people can truly appreciate your property. Consider purchasing a few extra floor lamps, and then be sure to put them on a timer that has them come on earlier in the day.

Have marketing materials ready during trick-or-treating

A lot of people will be visiting your home on Halloween, so take advantage of this by handing out your fliers and/or business cards during trick-or-treating. It’s best not to put them in with a child’s candy bag (they may never see the light of day). Instead, keep a stack of them on your porch so that the parents will see them while you’re handing out your candy.

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