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How to Master Time Management as a Real Estate Agent

How to Master Time Management as a Real Estate Agent

Showing houses to potential buyers, putting together real estate contracts, holding open houses, posting listings to social media: real estate agents tend to squeeze in a week’s worth of work into a single day.

With the numerous responsibilities on their plate, real estate agents must learn how to master time management to finish their tasks and keep clients satisfied.

Below, Dan & Jeanne Senecal of Big Sky Brokers have listed some tips for how to master time management as a new or experienced real estate agent.

Focus on Task Ranking

First things first: rank your daily tasks based on when assignments need completed. Use due dates and importance to sort your priorities and decide what to focus on first. Ranking your tasks allows you to follow an order of what to achieve rather than simply jumping from task to task and trying to take on too much work at once.

From your ranking of tasks, create a to-do list that helps you focus each day, writing down the items you selected in order of how you wish to accomplish them.

Allocate Time for Your Main Priorities

Starting your workday without a plan creates space for procrastination and time wasting. Grab your calendar and start blocking off portions of time dedicated to specific tasks. Choose which activities you plan to focus on and when throughout your day.

Block off a few hours to return client phone calls and create a time block for updating your social media channels. Add in some time for checking and returning emails. By allocating specific time blocks to certain tasks, you begin to expertly manage your time.

Eliminate Distractions and Multi-tasking

Unnecessary distractions lead to procrastination and wasting time. While you should take breaks to maintain your focus throughout the workday, constant interruptions to your workflow cause you to procrastinate your important priorities. The more brain power you use towards excessive distractions, the less productive you become.

Master time management by sticking to the times you blocked off for individual tasks. Fit in breaks on your calendar for relaxing and chatting with co-workers to avoid mental and physical burnout. As much as possible, avoid multitasking, which reduces your efficiency and work output.

With a dedication to handling all aspects of the buying and selling process, you know you are in good hands with time management masters, Dan and Jeanne Senecal of Big Sky Brokers.

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