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Deciding Between a One Story or Two Story Home

Deciding Between a One Story or Two Story Home

If you’re trying to decide between purchasing a one or two story home, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Montana Land Homes has covered the advantages and the disadvantages of one story and two story homes to help potential buyers make a decision.

Ranch homes are making a comeback as popular choices among first-time home buyers because they are affordable and easy to take care of. However, surprisingly, ranch homes often cost more to build than two story homes.

Many home buyers choose to remodel them by adding master suites. However, some realtors and ranch owners advise against adding on too much and turning your home into something it’s not.

If you have your heart set out on doing larger renovations, then a two story home is a smarter option. Also keep in mind that many ranch homes lack basement and attic space, so if you know you’re going to need a lot of storage room, choose wisely.

If you’re worried about fuel costs in your home, then it would be wise to consider that two story homes are more fuel efficient. A two story home contains less surface area than a ranch with the same amount of square footage, which means less foundation is exposed to weather.

Although it’s true that single story homes are more expensive to build, you can almost always get a better resale price for them than two story homes because of their low maintenance costs.

The yards are much smaller than the yards that come with two story homes, meaning less upkeep for people who are constantly busy or traveling.

Ranches also don’t come with stairs, so if you have small children or live with an older person who has trouble climbing them, you’re most likely to go with a home build that caters to their needs.

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