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Using Mobile Apps to Help Purchase a Home

Using Mobile Apps to Help Purchase a Home

Searching for a new home is never an easy task, but it can be made easier with the help of the various mobile home-buying apps available today.

There are plenty of mobile apps that can help you search for your dream home that will help you save yourself time when searching.

If you’re thinking about buying a home, the first thing you need is find a relator that you trust to keep your best interest in mind, however, it doesn’t hurt to do some research on your own.

You can use mobile apps to familiarize yourself with the market in the location you are searching. You don’t need to spend every Saturday for a month driving around different neighborhoods to scope out for sale signs. You can get access to the majority of the homes in your area now right on your mobile phone.

Mobile home listings often give you a lot more information than a simple “for sale” sign would. Mobile apps often give you information about school district ratings, crime ratings, estimated mortgage, the number of local grocery stores, and more. They can also really help you compare prices from home to home.

The best mobile applications for potential home buyers to use include: Redfin, Zillow, HomeSnap, Realtor.com, Bankrate and Trulia but each one offers different advantages.

Zillow is the most-downloaded real estate app for both Apple and Android users. On this app, potential buyers can use a map or a list interface to view home value estimates in their area along with local listings. Zillow has over 100 million homes within its database.

Realtor.com gives you the ability to search for homes based on school districts which makes it a great app for people searching with children. Plus, you can easily switch between your desktop and your mobile device making it easy to look at when you’re on the go.

Trulia is another popular app which allows users to search for potential homes based on photographs of the homes. If you see something you like, you can click for more details.

Although real estate aimed mobile apps will certainly help you narrow down the search for your forever home, you will still benefit from the expertise and experience of a talented broker.

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