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Home Inspections: A Vital Step for Buyers and Sellers

Home Inspections: A Vital Step for Buyers and Sellers

Home inspections are a very important step in buying or selling a home. An inspection helps you uncover the true health of your home or prospective purchase, performed by someone who is impartial and seeks only to uncover the facts about a property. Whether you’re looking for your new home in Montana or are a Helena homeowner preparing to sell, here are four tips for homebuyers to keep in mind for home inspections:

Prepare Your Home

For an inspector to do his or her job, it’s important that they can get to as many areas of the home as possible. If the home is not ready for inspection or if the inspector cannot access some areas due to your for your personal belongings being in the way, the inspector may not be able to put together a complete report. This could mean there are aspects uncovered by your inspection. Before your appointment, make sure that all areas of your home can easily be accessed.

Research Your Inspector

Expert advice is always highly sought after, so you want to do your homework when hiring an inspector. When considering inspection companies or individual inspectors, do your homework. Do some research online and look for online reviews from places like the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List. You can also ask the inspector for references from previous clients. You want to find someone who is knowledgeable and who can uncover hidden truths about your property while not cutting corners. Make sure you hire the best person for the job!

Attend Your Inspection

Attending your inspection whenever possible is a great way to truly understand what the inspector found. If you’re with the inspector as they go through and around your home, you’ll have a chance to see what they see and be able to identify the exact concerns that they have found. It will also help you to understand what is going on with the house, because anything the inspector says can be explained to you in greater detail while you’re both looking at the issues.

Read the Inspection Report

This one should seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to read the inspection report. When the inspector is finished, they should provide you with a clear and concise report that details their findings. This will outline any issues that the inspector found and help you understand what’s going on with your home. As a buyer, you can use this report to identify areas and aspects of your property that need to be repaired or improved before listing your property. Sellers can use the inspector’s report to see if there are any unexpected problems and ask the seller to remedy them before closing or use the report’s findings to renegotiate your purchase offer.

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