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Staging Your Home for Summer Months

Staging Your Home for Summer Months

Competition for selling homes sharply rises during the summer months, so you’ll need to do all you can to entice prospective buyers to want to stop and look at your home.

When staging your home for selling in the summer months, there are several elements to keep in mind that could make all the difference.

Rejuvenate Outdoor Spaces

Increase the chances of selling your home during the summer months with some extra focus on your home’s curb appeal. Focus on the necessary basics such as mowing the lawn and trimming bushes, giving your yard a polished look.

Integrate some brightly colored summer flowers into your landscaping or display some fresh potted plants near your front door. These vibrant additions to your front yard instantly up your curb appeal. If you want to go the extra mile to ensure your home is ready to sell, consider repaving the driveway, washing the windows, washing siding and walkways, and repainting and re-staining if necessary.

Stay Clean and Clutter-Free

After fawning over your home’s gorgeous exterior, potential buyers will eagerly head inside and expect an interior as immaculate as the outside. Deep clean the inside of your home, focusing particularly on the entryway that greets buyers and makes the first impression.

Consider a storage unit for hiding away clutter and unnecessary items. You wouldn’t want to lure in guests with fabulous curb appeal that is instantly tarnished by a messy interior. Some quick and easy fixes that can make a huge difference in your home’s interior appearance include thoroughly cleaning all of your windows, ensuring paint is fresh, and ridding of chips and scrapes on trim and railings.

Beat the Summer Heat

Cool and relaxed visitors make better home buyers than hot, irritated ones. Keep your home cool by ensuring your AC is on and functioning at top efficiency during your home staging. If applicable, have your central air inspected before putting your home on the market to avoid potential breakdowns. Stay cognizant of the thermostat temperature and pick something comfortable for buyers. If you don’t have central air, turn on ceiling fans and offer shade in outdoor areas for some brief relief.

Summer is the perfect time to include some refreshing, ice-cold beverages in your staging. While touring your home, buyers can sip on iced water, lemonade, or iced tea to stay cool and revitalized. Set up your chilled beverages on a clean table near the front door to welcome guests with this friendly gesture.

Focus on the Buyer

Potential home buyers are envisioning themselves living in your home, and efforts to help them see this more clearly will work wonders on their decision. Set your dining room table as if you were entertaining by putting out centerpieces, candles, and dishes. Think simple, yet inviting when it comes to decorating entertainment spaces to help buyers visualize their own ideas for how to use the space. Set up outdoor grilling and seating areas as if you were hosting a summer barbeque. Create the picture of the perfect home for potential buyers.

Rearrange your furniture so it points towards a conversation area in the center of the room to create a feeling of togetherness. Remove personal items such as family photos that might make a buyer feel like they are intruding on your home. Remember, you need the buyer to see this home as theirs; the less of yourself that is present in the home, the better.

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