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Reasons to Buy a Second Home in Montana

Buying a Second HomeHere is good news for anyone who has been thinking about buying a second home under Montana’s Big Sky – it actually makes great financial sense today to invest. Here are just a few ways buying a vacation home in Helena can be a smart investment – one that can actually help pay for itself while providing access to the luxurious sights and views of this beautiful state.

Family R & R

Reunions, vacations, holidays, weddings,  or just for fun – having a second home in an idyllic spot like Helena can be the focal point for a growing family spread out across the country. Grandkids, cousins, aunts, uncles can congregate at your Helena home from wherever they live now. Helena’s easy to get to and quite accessible from airports all around the country and the world, and the beauty of your home in the Treasure State will keep bringing them back to enjoy the natural splendor. Equidistant to both Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, as well, Helena will never leave you or your guests bored. Dine out, hike, bike, fish, hunt, camp, boat, ski, skate, snowshoe, golf, snowmobile, visit a museum or take in a concert – Helena truly has it all.


Real estate is one of the safest long-term investments you can make, and buying in a location that’s beginning to flourish is a smart financial move. Your property will appreciate as the area grows and develops. Of course, you can rent that second home out either as a long-term agreement or as a vacation spot until you’re ready to live there full time.

Using Your Assets

If you’re a big-city dweller and can work remotely – as more and more people do today – put your city home to work for you, instead. Living in your second home in Helena will allow you to rent out your city digs and enjoy the Big Sky state full time. The income from renting your current home – combined with a lower cost of living under Montana’s skies – will fortify your coffers while the beauty of the country bolsters your health and heart.


Stocks, bonds, 401(K), savings accounts, CDs, IRAs – you’ve probably discussed these with your financial adviser as part of your retirement portfolio, but consider adding real estate to that mix. Properties in Helena are expected to appreciate in the coming years, and by renting the home in the meantime, you may be able to defray or even recover all of your monthly mortgage expenses. Consider a 15-year mortgage for a much faster profit if you mean to sell it eventually.

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