Selling a Home? Here’s What People Want

Selling a Home? Here’s What People Want

If you’re in the process of trying to sell your home, one thing you should keep in mind throughout it is what homebuyers want which often changes from year to year.

In order to market your home directly towards those searching, it’s important to know what people are looking for on a yearly basis.

Redfin polled over 1,000 Americans recently and asked them to list the main factors that influence their home buying. Check out some of the most common responses below.

A Great Location

When they published the results of their poll, Redfin broke their findings down into categories like “Men vs. Women,” “Parents vs. Non-Parents,” and even “Android vs. iPhone Users.” While there are a lot of differences within each category, most buyers agree that location is extremely important. People want a home in a good location. Obviously you can’t just pick up your home and move it if your location isn’t ideal but you can point out the positives in living in your home. Maybe it’s close to shops. Maybe it’s close to parks. Whatever the positives of your location are, it’s a good idea to highlight them when selling your home.

Enough Bedrooms

Did you know that the number of bedrooms inside of a home is 6.7 percent more important to women than men? In fact, the number of bedrooms in your home is going to matter to just about everyone based on the Redfin poll. When listing your home, make sure you list an accurate number of bedrooms in your home of course. However, make sure that all of the bedrooms present well and stage them in order to showcase the amount of space that each room offers.

The Right Price

According to the Redfin poll, the cost of a home is about 1.5 percent more important to parents than it is to non-parents. However, you’ll find that just about everyone is going to focus on the price of your home once you list it. If it’s too high, you might scare buyers off. If it’s too low, you will attract attention and maybe even multiple offers, but you could also shortchange yourself and miss out on money.

The Redfin poll may open your eyes to all of the factors that are important to certain types of people. It might also make you realize that you are going to need to consider a lot of factors when selling your home.

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