Preparing to Sell Your Home During Fall Season

Preparing to Sell Your Home During Fall Season

The fall season often presents as a viable time to sell your home. As potential buyers aim to settle into a new area with school starting back up and in time for the holidays, the fall season presents a time for a fresh start.

Potential buyers often seek well-maintained, welcoming, and clearly appreciated properties in the fall which requires a bit of preparation from a seller standpoint.

Here are some ways to prepare to sell your home this fall season.

Break Out the Toolbox

Before the fall rains and cooler temperatures overtake the sunny, warmer days of summer, break out the toolbox to make some quick repairs to the interior and exterior of your home. Spend some time with any broken patio furniture, ensure the fireplace runs smoothly, and double-check your plumbing and gutters.

Call in the professionals to inspect your HVAC system or replace the faulty garage door chain. Change the light bulbs inside and outside, and give your smoke detectors some new batteries.

Grab Your Gardening Gloves

To coordinate with the fall season, switch up your landscaping and exchange your summer garden for some flourishing fall foliage. Plant some fierce tiger lily or golden chrysanthemums to add new autumn colors to your yard. Set up a fire pit for the cooler fall evenings and surround the pit with a comfortable seating area complete with deep red or burnt orange accents.

Capture the fall spirit and accent your garden with some autumn-themed accents and decorations. Display fall produce such red apples or multi-colored corns, and select flowerpots in dark yellows, purples, and browns.

Bring in the Light

A decrease in the time the sun stays in the sky during the fall season means less time to see your home filled with natural sunlight. As you begin showing your home to potential buyers later into the evening, light up your home to create a warm, welcoming environment. Turn on as many lights inside and outside the home as possible.

Thoroughly clean both sides of your windows to allow all available sunshine in during the day. Utilize appliances and nightlights, as well as lights in small spaces like closets.

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