How to Successfully Sell to Your Millennial Clients

How to Successfully Sell to Your Millennial Clients

Most articles that pair together the real estate market and Millennials are largely negative. The overarching theme is that millennials do not want to buy homes and look to rentals instead. And while those points are true in some cases, there’s a key inaccuracy at the heart of the argument: the problem is not necessarily that millennials aren’t buying homes anymore but that the real estate market has trouble marketing to them.

Being a real estate firm in 2018 means that you must be an expert in selling to any and all clients, and markets which includes millennials.

Here are a few of our favorite how-to tips:

It’s all about attention.
Millennials are online more than any other generation in the market. They’re bombarded with an endless stream of information each day, whether it’s on their computer or smartphone, and that has an effect on what sticks with them. Whatever you do pitch to this target market has to be convincing and sharp from the get-go, or else it risks being ignored by a generation that moves fast.

Show millennials your results.
Keep in mind that millennials are a grade-driven generation—they use Yelp for restaurants, score Uber drivers after a ride is over, and watch shows on Netflix that others tell them is worth their time. If you’re going to work with them, they’ll want to know that you’re someone they can trust. So show them! Have testimonials and other past successes available at the ready. It’ll go a long way.

Bring in the data.
Now that millennials have every bit of information at their fingertips, knowing data is a huge selling point for them. Seeing the results by the numbers is a key product of the Internet Age, as we look to make concrete decisions from real analysis. And for a decision as important as purchasing property, millennials will want to see the data—on the house, on the neighborhood, and what they’re buying into. That’s where you come in.

Once you learn what this target market is looking for, you’ll be able to develop your marketing strategy in a way that incorporates them as an important demographic. At Big Sky Brokers, we’re proud to work with a variety of demographics and find real estate that fits their needs. For more information, contact us today!

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