How to Stage a Home for a Fall Sale

How to Stage a Home for a Fall Sale

There have been a lot of homeowners who have taken to trying to sell their homes in the fall. There are often fewer homes on the market in the fall, which means that you can sometimes get more money for your home, provided you are willing to take the time to stage it properly.

If you want to sell your home in the fall season, it is important to stage your home properly in order to appeal to potential buyers.

Begin by cleaning up your yard.

One of the unique challenges that comes along with selling a home in the fall is that you need to be diligent about removing leaves from your lawn. On the one hand, doing this will make your property as a whole look better and instantly improve your curb appeal. And on the other, it will prevent people from pulling up in front of your house and thinking, “Wow, it looks like it will be a lot of work to clean up all those leaves if we move into this house.” So start the staging process by keeping your lawn and flower beds clean.

Add fall colors to the inside of your home.

After you’re doing getting rid of the leaves and debris outside, bring some of the color from the outdoors inside with you. Fall is a great time to warm up your home through the use of colors like red, orange, gold, and yellow. There are many floral arrangements that you can put throughout your home when selling it. You can also put away any summer décor and replace it with things like throw blankets, dried decorations, and more. You don’t want to overdo it with fall decorations, but you do want people to feel right at home when they walk into your home. One or two candles are a must!

Make your favorite fall foods and keep them around your home.

When people walk through your home in the fall, they are going to spend time thinking about spending the holidays in it. Use that to your advantage by baking fresh apple pies and cookies on the weekends so that your house smells great. During the week, you can also light candles that are scented to smell like apple spice, cinnamon, and more to get the same effect. You want people to be imagining themselves hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas in your home as they walk through it.

These are just a few of the ways that you can successfully stage a home for the fall. Big Sky Brokers, Dan and Jeanne Senecal can provide you with more tips that will help you sell your home this fall season. Call us at 406-439-5414 or 406-439-0303 today to start taking the right steps towards selling your house.

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