How to Keep Your Home Show-Ready

How to Keep Your Home Show-Ready

When your home is on the market, a showing can happen at any time, and on any day, with little to almost no warning. As a result, you’ll want to make sure your home is “show-ready” at all times, but how can you do that when you’re still living in the home? Thankfully, we’ve compiled some tricks of the trade to help you to both live your life and keep your home ready for every showing.

Have a designated junk zone

Clutter and junk are just a fact of life, but you don’t want it exposed for all the world to see. Instead, find one place in your home that can discreetly store one or two storage bins full of junk. A deep closet is probably best for this so that you can push the storage bins far in the back, out of view.

Keep, donate, throw away

To cut down on the number of items you have to put away for every showing, figure out what you should keep, what you should donate, and what you should throw away. This will eliminate clutter and make it easier in the long-run when the time comes to move.

Make cleaning a habit

Let’s face it, as much as we’d like to, we don’t clean our houses as much as we should. Dishes stay stacked in the sink, beds are unmade, and those dust bunnies remain under our couch for far too long. To lessen the amount of time spent cleaning before a showing, then, make cleaning a routine, showing or no showing. Wash the dishes immediately after every meal, make your bed every morning, and dust every day. That way, instead of spending an hour on these chores, it’s only a few minutes.

Manage your trash

Many homeowners have small trash bins scattered around their home. While this is convenient, you’ve probably forgotten to empty them, or avoid doing so because running around the house emptying each one can be a hassle. And for showings, where you’ll want them completely empty, this can become even more burdensome. So manage your trash by collecting it all into a few bags in high-traffic areas (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) and hang the bags on the doors so you can grab them and toss them just before a showing.

But before you can even take these steps, you need to get your house on the market first. If you’re in the Helena, Montana area and looking to sell your home, then contact Dan Senecal. He’ll make sure you have plenty of showings, and offers, for when you’re selling your home.

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