How to Handle Selling a Home with Pets

How to Handle Selling a Home with Pets

If you own a cat or dog, chances are you treat your pet like a beloved member of the family. So, while you probably couldn’t live without your furry companion, have you ever stopped to think about the troubles you might face when it comes time to sell your home? You may see them as perfect angels who can do no wrong, take a step back and look at the bigger picture; you may find that being a pet owner has taken a bit of a toll on your home over the years, which can affect how potential buyers view your home.

Homebuyers envision themselves living in your space as they tour your home during a showing, and if someone doesn’t like pets, it can be difficult for them to look passed their obvious presence.

Here are a few tips on how to handle selling a home with pets:

Deep clean and repair damage

Pets can make your home look and smell extra lived-in by adding additional odors and damage that you must take care of before selling your home.

Start with a deep clean to remove pet odors from places like furniture, comforters, and curtains with pet-specific deodorizer. Steam clean carpets and replace stained flooring as needed.

Repair pet damage in your home, from scratched doorframes to ripped screens and chewed up chair legs. Rid your yard of any pet waste and fill in holes. Go the extra mile to make your home spotless before selling.

Relocate your furry friends

If possible, relocate your pets during scheduled home showings. Consider letting them sleep over at a family member’s home or enroll them in a pet daycare service to make it easy to accommodate for an open house.

If you’re a dog owner, another option is to take your pet for a walk during scheduled viewings. If you’re working with a local real estate agent, it’s best if you aren’t present at this time so potential buyers can envision themselves living in the home – not the current owner.

Hide the evidence

Many potential homebuyers do not like pets and seeing them in a home they are considering can prove to be a major turnoff. Due to this, and because having a pet in your home can reduce its value, you may want to hide any signs of their presence prior to a showing. Put away or move out all pet beds, toys and bowls. Remove litter boxes and food from the home. Take down family photos including your pets, and do not include your pets in the marketing photos of your home listing.

Homes with pets can be challenging to sell, but certainly not impossible. Let Dan & Jeanne Senecal of Big Sky Brokers help you sell your pet-filled home with effective advertising and an expert handling of the process. Contact us today!

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