How Technology Changed Real Estate

How Technology Changed Real Estate

There is no doubt that advances in technology have shaped our society over the years, and the real estate market is no exception.

With the adoption of all different kinds of technology over the last several years, technology has changed the real estate industry forever.

Providing More Access

The biggest impact technology has had on the real estate market is access: simply put, people have more access to the real estate market in all forms, whether they want to become an agent, buy a house, or sell a house.

Now that so much information can be found on the web, it is so easy to search for a home, hire a real estate agent, or start the process of selling your home from your couch.

Abundance of Information

Unlimited online access to the real estate market means that most buyers and sellers are more knowledgeable on a lot of different variables. Now, just a few minutes of research can tell you the median home price for your targeted neighborhood, what a home sold for previously, and information on taxes and zoning laws.

Previously, buyers and sellers had to view a number of houses and research public records in order to get a full picture of the market.

Even the Playing Field

The internet, along with various mobile apps, are often used by potential buyers to narrow down their search which has somewhat evened the playing field. Instead of actively working with real estate agents who often had exclusive listings, most information is available online. However, a real estate agent does have professional experience, knowledge, and contacts, which is all priceless.

Reliable Communication

You can now send your agent an email or shoot them a text if you have an immediate question, which does make it easier to communicate with your agent and see listings more quickly.


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