Five Things You’ll Learn Once You Move to Montana

We’re Big Sky Country here in Montana, but there are so many delights that only reveal themselves after you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life and bought a home in the greatest state in the union.

We may be a little biased, but it won’t take long for a newcomer to feel the same way. Here are five of the best things about moving to Montana that the Billings Gazette points out you’ll quickly learn once you’ve made our state your new home.

Cost of Living

Compared with the national average, it costs about 6 percent less to live in Montana, says MyMove. Property taxes here are comparatively low, which makes owning real estate and vehicles much more affordable than in, for example, New Jersey, New York or California. We’re also very proud of our 18-minute average commute time, which Sperlings’ Best Places notes is seven minutes less than the national average. That saves gas, emissions, wear and tear and, of course, time better spent on life.

Celebrity Neighbors

You’ll be floored someday when you stop to pick up some groceries and you’re face to face with any one of the ultra-famous celebrities who make their home – full or part time – in Montana. One of the reasons celebrities love Montana is that we’re real people here, and we treat them the same as everyone else. As the Billings Gazette notes, news anchor Tom Brokaw, comedian Dana Carvey and NBA coach Phil Jackson all have ties to our great state.

Big Sky CountryRaw Beauty

Visitors and tourists get a glimpse of Montana, but to develop a relationship with the land, you have to live on it. Residents experience the change in seasons in a way a tourist simply can’t. When you move to Montana, you’ll see our never-ending landscape transforming before your eyes from week to week and day to day. Witnessing the spectacular sights of our state in its various states of seasonal dress – from colorful fall, to pristine winter, to the regrowth of spring and the warmth of summer – allows residents to forge a bond that just can’t be described.

Telecommuting Is King

While there are plenty of opportunities to work, if you’re a telecommuter and have wisely chosen Montana, you’ll discover fellow telecommuters wherever you go. Open your laptop in a café and have a look around. You’re connected to the world beyond our borders from some of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Take Your Time

When you’re spending a week here on vacation, you’ve got to cram everything in to those few short days. We’ve got a better idea: Live here instead and live the vacation every day. You’ll have all the time in the world to take in everything Montana has to offer. Whether you want to go fly fishing, explore Glacier National Park, take a camping or hiking trip through Yellowstone National Park, take nature photography while mountain climbing, participate in plein air painting, take to the mountain biking or horseback riding trails, hit the links or spend time on the water white water rafting, kayaking or ice fishing – well, you get the picture. Or you will, once you join us here in Big Sky Country.

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