Common Traits Found in Real Estate Agents

Common Traits Found in Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent is a tough yet rewarding job. Although it is exciting when you sell a home, it requires a lot of effort and dedication to do so continuously.

In order to succeed in the field as a real estate agent, agents typically possess certain personality traits that help them do so.


All real estate agents are knowledgeable, and typically, they are knowledgeable about one specific market which they specialize in. Oftentimes, real estate agents live in the area that they service, helping them to understand the surrounding areas. Knowledgeable agents not only know how to understand the real estate market as a whole, but they have insider knowledge through networking.


A real estate agent is a liaison between many different parties: potential buyers, potential sellers, lawyers, banks, home inspectors and more. In order to be a successful agent, you must be organized. Without a strong system of organization and a keen eye for detail, important tasks can slip through the cracks such as deadlines, documents, dates, and so forth.


Real estate agents are supposed to make connections for people – this means that they usually have a very large network of friends, colleagues and contacts. They also must be comfortable talking to strangers, talking on the phone and in person frequently, and asking the tough questions that others hesitate to ask. Agents must be confident and friendly, willing to socialize frequently.


Agents who are successful are always dedicated to their clients, clients should be top priority. In order to be a successful agent, you must have a desire to help people and please your clients. Real estate agents work often, and the hours are long and frequent. You can’t expect to work a standard “nine to five” position. You must be available for clients as needed.

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