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Creating a Cozy Space to Sell

Creating a Cozy Space to Sell

Emotions can play a big role in the decision to buy a home. When people are considering buying a new home, they often envision themselves in that space to consider how they’d feel living in it.

In the winter season, we believe it is important to stage cozy spaces in your home to help potential buyers envision themselves in it.

Fill in Empty Spaces

We tend to feel cozier when our space has fewer empty elements. Fill up corners and vertical spaces in your home to help buyers see your home as more inviting. Use tall, potted plants to take up some corner spaces and add life to a room. Placing large furniture in spaces can help a room appear quaint and cozy.

Add Elements of Warmth

Cold winter weather makes us want to curl up under a soft, fuzzy blanket. Add elements of warmth to your home to create an overall comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Throw some soft blankets on your living room couches and add area rugs to spaces with wooden floors. Use plush pillows and warm fabrics to trigger that “cozy feeling.”

Play with Lighting

Lighting can truly transform a space. Playing with lighting can help you find the perfect level of cozy from room to room. Natural lighting can give your space a welcoming appeal while lamps offer a more intimate lighting. A well-lit room can make a home feel cozier compared to a dark space.

Appeal to Imagination

Create a cozy space and help homeowners see themselves living in your home by staging small activities in various spaces. Set up playing cards on a coffee table or add a neat stack books to a space where someone might get lost in one. Don’t forget to light some candles to create a relaxing environment.

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